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We offer a portfolio of additional services including IT consulting.


Another area in which IDT can offer its expertise to your company is in the creation and maintenance of Local Area networks (LANS) and Wide Area networks (WANS). As a Microsoft Certified Solution Provider, IDT has substantial experience in designing, installing and supporting network systems on NT. As a provider of certifications for Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) and a Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP), IDT's trainers have a great deal of in field experience with CISCO equipment.

IDT's unique association with Microsoft as both a Solution Provider and a Certified Technical Education Center along with providing training in CISCO products, empowers us with a higher level of technical expertise than most ordinary resellers. Our technicians are always kept up to date on the latest features and refinements in NT and CISCO. We also have an intimate knowledge of the inner workings of NT's principal software products. These qualities uniquely qualify IDT to install and service your LAN or WAN.

Web Design and Programming

IDT can accommodate creating websites for virtually every industry. We customize every website for our clients business needs and objectives. Contact our Web Design  and SEO Marketing Partners or visit our Services Portfolio page outlining services in this area.

A typical web site includes one "Custom Banner" which is the special graphic design with photo/images and your company’s logo. The "splash page." This is typically an introductory or opening page (optional). "Primary Pages." This is the front cover page(s) of your business website. "Secondary Pages." These pages included detailed description of your products or services appear in these pages. The "Response Form" is used to generate sales activities for your business. And the "Standard Pages" which include information about the business such as "About Us" and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) are included here.


IDT offers an extensive line of cabling solutions and design structures, each one perfectly tailored to fit the individual client's needs. Our certified Project Managers, design and install cabling infrastructure professionally and efficiently that provides the highest performance possible for each system. The cabling and design structure of a systems network is often its least addressed component, even though it's probably the most critical aspect of the network. In fact, the design structure will directly affect how efficiently work can be completed on the system in the future. Some IDT clients that have realized this and benefited from our cabling expertise are: The American Red Cross, the Los Angeles Police Protective League and Charles Mason & Associates to mention a few. Here is a brief outline of what IDT's cabling experts can offer your company.


We are experienced in a variety of programming environments: Visual Basic, PowerBuilder, Access, Paradox, FoxPro, C++, Active Server Pages, ColdFusion, Perl, and others. We develop for a variety of environments, including Windows 95, Windows NT, Windows 3.1, DOS, Unix, etc.

Integrated Digital Technologies offers customized programming for items such as DOS and Windows databases, barcode systems, telecommunications, and graphics, as well as specialized technical programs using a variety of programming languages. Implementing customized programs is an important means of increasing business productivity. We can program in a variety of languages according to the specific needs of your project. We have experts in barcode implementation and high speed barcode printers. We can customize programs to allow barcode input using metrology wands, as well as hand held scanners for high traffic data input.

Document Imaging

Integrated Digital Technologies has picked the LaserFiche Document Imaging System by Compulink Management Center, Inc. as our solution of choice for Document Imaging. IDT's decision to become a fully certified Value Added Reseller for LaserFiche software is based on the following criteria. LaserFiche is an easy to use "full text search" based imaging system that provides an extensive ability to retrieve documents through a variety of searches. These searches can be done through Template (electronic index card) Search, Boolean Search, Fuzzy Logic Search, and the Advanced Search (which can combine Template-Fuzzy Logic-and Document Type searching) as well. LaserFiche has an intuitive interface that makes the software extremely "User Friendly". The software is also a true "Client Server" application that provides instantaneous access to any document by any number of end-users simultaneously. LaserFiche makes administering and retrieving documents a breeze, whether one has twenty thousand documents or twenty million. It is truly a way of replacing your file cabinets, and moving towards a "Paperless Office" environment.

Cisco Solutions

Software and Hardware Sales

We are authorized resellers and Business Partners for a range of computer software products, allowing us to provide the right solutions for most businesses.

Our technical sales consultants can analyze your business needs and recommend the best software and hardware solution for your business. We can recommend your software solutions in accounting, database management, networking, security, home office and small business management, graphics, CAD, and more…

Accounting Solutions

IDT sells, installs and supports several accounting solutions and software packages such as AX, Great Plains, Peachtree and QuickBooks. Our understanding of the implementation of these applications offers our customers the widest possible range of accounting solutions for both functionality and price point. Here is a brief description and product overview regarding what these packages can offer your company.

Great Plains Software has long been recognized as one of the industry's most powerful accounting software packages. Great Plains’ business management solutions, Dynamics and e-Enterprise, are designed to meet the business application software needs of businesses varying from small organizations to multinational corporations.

Thousands of businesses use Great Plains Dynamics every day to improve their competitive advantage. By delivering unparalleled access to decision-driving information, by being first to deliver the latest and best technologies, and by supporting you with the finest customer service systems in the world, Dynamics helps you run your business better.

Peachtree Accounting Software continues to be one of the best small-business accounting programs on the market. Peachtree's greatest advantage over competitive programs is the ability to use programs over a local area network. Peachtree recognizes that one size does not fit all, and therefore provides three distinct choices for small businesses that require a network accounting program. A sampling of Peachtree's products are represented below.

Peachtree Complete Accounting, is their most powerful accounting solution for small businesses. Peachtree Complete has everything you need to do your accounting and more!

Peachtree Office Accounting is the easiest accounting solution for Microsoft office users with familiar screens, icons and menus that allow businesses to get up and running right away!

Peachtree 20XX is a powerful, industrial strength accounting solution packed with 11 comprehensive modules that allow you to handle a high volume of transactions better than any other product on the market today.

QuickBooks by Intuit, places within one formidable package the ability to not only help you manage your Accounts payable and receivable, but extends its reach to help you manage a business.

QuickBooks and QuickBooksPro's accounting and business management features are easy to learn and use, customizable to your business, and provides instant access to your important business information with over 100 reports and graphs.

QuickStart and QuickBooks' Payroll Solutions give small businesses all they need for providing payrolls for their employees.